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SAi Global's SCM Software solution

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The software solution of Supplier Compliance Management.

Efficient complaints management can positively benefit your business, highlighting:

• Where problem areas are
• Where there is room for improvement
• Specific trends related to various issues.
SAI Global can work for you to:
• Resolve complaints quickly and in a professional manner
• Reinforce customer relationships by resolving complaints quickly and effectively
• Establish procedures to prevent reoccurrence of identified issues
• Help you to build a loyal customer base.
Our unique SAIGOLTMweb-based software solution, automates the complaint management and handling process and can be tailored to suit your particular system and business flow.
Complaints Process
SAI Global provide a fully managed customer complaint handling service where issues are
handled right from initial customer complaint, and will go through to a detailed investigation
where all areas of the supply chain are investigated(depending on client requirements).
Logging Complaints
All complaints managed by SAI Global are logged via SAIGOLTM and tracked through an event management programme, ensuring real time data and response times are accurately recorded.
Complete transparency of the process enables clients to obtain clear management reports and trend analysis to determine root cause.
Clear analysis of the various types of complaints typical to the business are provided in various report formats, highlighting defined periods to ensure key information is captured in a readily accessible form.
Key Benefits:
• Root cause analysis
• Protect brand and reputation
• Reduce incidents costs, fines, penalties and disruption
• Provide instant supplier status data
• Report complaint information consistently across your business
• Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of data management
• Provide instant and automatic reporting of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
• Compare complaints across suppliers, retail outlets, sites, business units or your entire