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Supplier Compliance Management (SCM)


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SAi Global's SCM Software solution

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The software solution of Supplier Compliance Management

SAI Global has four managed service offerings enabled by our deep technical expertise and proprietary platform SAIGOL®. These include; Mobile Audit, Supplier Approval, Product Approval and Complaints Service.


> Introduction
> Mobile Audit
> Complaints Service
> Product Approval
> Supplier Approval



In this increasingly litigious world, a good reputation is hard to gain and maintain, and twice as easy to lose.
Your brand’s reputation is often in the hands of your suppliers, so it’s important that they deliver the goods and services you need, within budget, on time and to the quality that you promise your consumers.
SAI Global has the solution to help protect your brand. Supplier Compliance Management (SCM) is a tailored portfolio of products designed especially to address these issues so that you can focus on your business while we take care of ensuring your suppliers are meeting your requirements and specifications.
Driven by our unique SAIGOLTM  web-based software solution, SCM will revolutionise your supplier management processes and give you instant access to a wide range of information about your suppliers, handle and manage your complaints and provide real time data capture.
The service provides a range of bespoke solutions specific to your particular business needs.  Just select the services that are relevant to your business from the full range below:
SAI Global:
• Help protect your brand and its reputation.
• Has vast experience in the development and delivery of technical management and inspection services.
• Have a proven track record of SCM and Supply Chain Assurance.
• Deliver a range of added value solutions encompassing product safety, quality and legal requirements.
• Has experience and knowledge of Supplier Approval Management
• through many years experience of working with globally recognised brands.
• Has a web-based software solution SAIGOLTM which automates the complete range of SCM products and services and can be tailored to suit your particular system and business flow.  
Key benefits of SCM:
• Protect brand and reputation
• Reduce incidents costs, fines, penalties and disruption
• Provide instant supplier status data
• Report complaint information consistently across your business
• Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of data management
• Provide instant and automatic reporting of KPI’s
• Compare complaints across suppliers, retail outlets, sites, business units or your entire business