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The StandardsMark™ is Everywhere

The ‘5Ticks’ StandardsMark™  is globally recognized for reliability, quality assurance, and safety. 

When your customers see the StandardsMark™, they know that your company has met the rigorous requirements of domestic and international quality and safety standards.

For consumers, the StandardsMark™ means that your organization takes quality and customer satisfaction seriously.

Management Systems Certification

SAI Global is a market leader in business management system certification. Working with us, our clients proactively demonstrate compliance in areas such as quality, occupational health and safety, environment, information security and food safety.

Certification from SAI Global offers instant recognition through our renowned certification symbol, the StandardsMark™.

Product Certification

The StandardsMark™ is more than just a manufacturer’s claim. It gives consumers that extra confidence in the safety and performance of a product they are purchasing, and it’s available only through certification by SAI Global.

To obtain a red “5Ticks” Certified Product StandardsMark™, manufacturers must have their products and manufacturing processes assessed to some of the world's toughest safety standards. The StandardsMark™ can be found on all types of products ranging from baby seats to safety glass. When your potential customers are shopping for a safe and reliable product, or seeking a good business supplier, they’re looking out for the StandardsMark™.

SAI Global Product Certification provides certification to other product-specific standards, as well as ongoing monitoring of certified products to ensure that their safety and quality are maintained.

Click on a StandardsMark™ below to find out more about Product Certification.



If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

We encourage all certified clients to make the most of this value-adding benefit. And of course, the more the Marks are used - in advertising, letterheads, promotions and media releases - the more they work for your company.

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