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The accreditation mark shall not be used by a licensee on any stationery, document and/or publicity material unless it relates in whole or in part to the organisation's certification scope.

A licensee does not have the right to use the accreditation mark in isolation of the Certification mark to which it relates. The accreditation mark shall not be used in such a way as to suggest that the Accreditation Council, Governments of Australia and New Zealand, or any Government Minister, have certified or approved the activities of the licensee, or in any other misleading manner. Where a licensee uses the accreditation mark, the licensee shall include: its own name or mark; the certification mark not disproportionately represented with reference to the actual accreditation mark, and positioned in a manner that ensures the relationship between the accreditation mark and the certification mark is obvious.


A client should apply for approval by writing to the local state office providing full details of the proposed use of the Mark, preferably with examples. Each submitted item shall be clearly marked with the approved/reject decision, the identity of the decision maker and the date. Any qualifications or recommended changes should be clear and legible. The approved / rejected document(s) may be returned to the sender by mail or transmitted by facsimile. A copy of the original shall be retained on the certified company's office file. If in doubt as to the acceptability of the proposal, guidance of the Group State General Manager shall be obtained. Administration shall, as far as possible, ensure response to the applicant/licensee within 5 (five) working days of receipt.

Any exceptions from JAS-ANZ Rules shall be brought to the attention of General Manager - Certification for his/her approval.

The JAS-ANZ Accreditation Mark is a registered certification Trade Marks owned by JAS-ANZ and may accompany valid SAI Global Limited accredited program certification marks.