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SAI Global signs exclusive distribution rights for Chinese Standards

Sydney, Australia, 9 December, 2011. SAI Global Limited (ASX: SAI) has signed a landmark agreement with Standards Press of China (SPC) - the publisher of some 20,000 Standards from Standardization Administration of China (SAC) - appointing SAI Global as the exclusive reseller of SAC Standards within Australia.   

SPC is the only (key) publication centre in China for publishing national standards, professional standards, and an extensive array of books concerned with standardization, quality control and quality supervision. Amongst its portfolio are 20,000 Standards covering 50 industry types from the Chinese National Standards Body, SAC.
Subject to the terms of the agreement, SAI Global gains exclusive rights to supply SAC Standards in Australia. This has been described as a very significant win by Martijn Laguna, Executive General Manager, Information Services (Asia Pacific), SAI Global. “This is an exciting time for both organizations. SAI Global is pleased to have earned sole distribution rights of SAC Standards in Australia. Adding to our portfolio of over 1,000,000 Australian and International Standards, we can now also provide valuable Standards information for Australian businesses looking to penetrate into the ever-expanding Chinese economy, with exclusive access to 20,000 SAC Standards”.
Mr. Wang Xilin, Vice President of Standards Press of China is delighted with the agreement. “China is Australia's largest trading partner and also its largest export market with over CNY322 billion per annum in exports to Australia. China is also the largest importer of Australian goods and services valued at over CNY265 billion per annum. Securing SAI Global as the exclusive Australian reseller of Chinese Standards will help Australian businesses form a clearer understanding of the Chinese market, both from a regulatory and good practice point of view.”
Adherence to Chinese Standards may be either voluntary or mandated, i.e. required by the Chinese government. The mandatory Standards are referred to as GB or National Standards and products sold in China are usually labelled with the appropriate Standard adhered to in the manufacturing process.
For further information, visit the SAI Global Standardization Administration of China Publications portal.

Mr. Martijn Laguna
Executive General Manager
Information Services (Asia Pacific)
SAI Global Limited
Tel: +61 (0) 2 8206 6323