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Business leaders open the door to good governance


Business leaders open the door to good governance

As organizations across the country seek to come to terms with the rising tide of corporate governance legislation, recommendations and guidelines, some of Australia’s leading organizations are coming together to share their experiences and help others to unlock the potential governance minefield.


PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IAG, Melbourne Water, Philips Fox, and Pilkington Australia Limited are among the host of organizations who will give an insight in their know-how at a major corporate governance conference facilitated by SAI Global Limited in Sydney.


According to Mr Martin Seale, the General Manager of Professional Services Asia Pacific at SAI Global, “knowing where to start is often the biggest burden for businesses who want to improve their governance performance.”


Mr Searle believes that the aim of the conference is to assist organizations in the implementation of effective corporate governance practices in order to improve organizational performance, identify and manage risks, strengthen shareholder community and clients confidence in an entity, improve the transparency and accountability of an organization and assist in the prevention and detection of fraudulent behaviour.


“Learning from the leaders and drawing on the Australian Standards for good governance will help organizations pull together a number of the key elements including the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and guidelines produced by IFSA, ASX Corporate Governance Council.”


There are a number of Australian Standards organizations can draw on to assist them in building a robust corporate governance system, including:

  • AS 8000 Good Governance Principles;
  • AS 8001 Fraud and corruption control;
  • AS 8002 Organizational codes of conduct;
  • AS 8003 Corporate and social responsibility; and
  • AS 8004 Whistleblower protection programs for entities.


Other organizations that will be presenting at the conference, titled Corporate Governance in Action , include Creative Sparks, Victoria University, ICAC, Wyong Shire Council, ABAF, AAR, URS, Transparency International, NSW Chapter – Institute of Internal Auditors, and Ethical Strength.


Corporate Governance in Action will take place between March 14 -16 at Sir Stamford Plaza in Circular Quay in Sydney. For further information about the conference or on how SAI Global’s range of business improvement programs, courses and publications can benefit your business please visit our web site or call our customer service centre on 1300 360 314.


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